The faith of Tage

Tage Thompson has has an up and down season and career, but he continues to turn toward his faith to help him get through it all.

Buffalo Sabres v Montreal Canadiens
Buffalo Sabres v Montreal Canadiens / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages

As Easter is upon us, many NHL players will be celebrating the holiday with their families. One player is Tage Thompson who has a strong Christian faith. The star center has spoken often about his faith. 

Thompson's religious beliefs have taken center stage during his career. Tage has said that he uses God as a positive light despite setbacks or changes in his career. He was drafted by the St. Louis Blues in 2016 and was traded to the Sabres in 2018 for Ryan O’Reilly. The business side of the NHL can be difficult and Thompson used his faith during that period of transition.

There have been certain moments in his career and life that Thompson has highlighted in both his NHL career and journey in faith. In 2018, his wife Rachel was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma. She was told that she had a rare type of cancer that usually begins in the bones but can sometimes occur in the soft tissue that is near the bones themselves.

Her battle to recovery led to Thompson being there for his wife and finding her fight all the more inspirational. Since her surgery in 2018 and recovery, Rachel is now cancer-free. Since that time, the couple has had two sons. 

Another moment that confirmed Thompson’s faith was during his standout 2022/2023 season. The night after Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field, Buffalo was in Washington to take on the Capitals.

Hamlin wore the number jersey, three. The Sabres honored him by wearing “Love for three” t-shirts against the Washington. Buffalo went on to take the game 5-4 in overtime. 

Thompson had a hat trick and the game-winning goal in overtime. It was in the third minute of overtime and his 30th of the year. The coincidence of the number three, Tage called a sign from God and expressed the importance of prayer after the game.

He will be able to celebrate his faith on Easter Sunday. But before the holiday, Buffalo has back-to back games which they should be praying beforehand as they will be hosting the New Jersey Devils and Toronto Maple Leafs on Friday and Saturday.