3 untouchable prospects the Sabres cannot trade at the deadline

The Sabres prospects pool should see a few prospects graduate to the big club in 2024-25, should they refrain from selling them at the trade deadline.
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Viktor Neuchev is a player to watch over the next few seasons

Viktor Neuchev may come as a surprise here over a more prominent prospect like Matt Savoie or Noah Ostlund. And while Savoie will create shockwaves in the AHL next season if not seriously contend for a spot on the Sabres, Neuchev may have passed him up in these rankings simply due to the way he’s adjusted to the North American game. This doesn’t mean we will see Neuchev in a Sabres uniform any time soon, but it does mean he’s one to watch very, very closely. 

We have seen Neuchev appear in 37 contests so far, where he scored 19 points, seven goals, and has scraped out a plus-7 rating. He also has a 12.3 shooting percentage plus a game-winning goal on his resume, and he’s been ultra-productive since December 29th, with 14 points coming in that frame. 

Neuchev will need at least another season in the AHL, if not two more, and there is a good possibility the Sabres will be a strong contender when he’s NHL-ready. So why keep him around and not trade him elsewhere if he’s proving to make a solid transition?

One major reason is that Jeff Skinner will be in a contract year come 2026-27, and he will also be 34, so it’s a mystery whether he will still be the same productive player when that season arrives. We also need to remember that the jury also remains out if Casey Mittelstadt, Jordan Greenway, and even Alex Tuch will be around - though the latter is pretty much a shoo-in to stay. 


(Statistics provided by theAHL.com as of February 27th)