Team-by-Team NHL Mock Draft: Sabres land an epic puzzle piece at the blue line

With the 10-day-to-go mark, it’s time for another NHL Mock Draft for the Buffalo Sabres - and one in which they landed an epic talent with that No. 11 pick.
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You may have read and hopefully enjoyed some of my Buffalo Sabres-oriented NHL Mock Drafts, with Version 3.0 being the most recent. Today, I decided on something different, and it comprised using the simulation at FC Hockey to roll with the team-by-team route all the way up to the No. 11 pick. 

Of course, this and future mock drafts for the Sabres are contingent on general manager Kevyn Adams keeping the pick, but let’s once again approach the draft assuming it will be the case until it isn’t. Using the draft simulator, it will catch what it projects the top 10 picks to be in June 28th’s draft, and where that leaves the Sabres. 

So, who did the Sabres get in this scenario, and were there any huge surprises that allowed this potential top-10 pick to fall into the No. 11 slot? The first two selections in this one are probably players you may have expected, but come the No. 5 selection, the Montreal Canadiens decided to surprise us. 

San Jose Sharks: Macklin Celebrini, C/Boston University

No surprises at No. 1 in this mock draft simulation, as the Sharks took Macklin Celebrini and landed who they hope will be their next face of the franchise. Celebrini already has the size you want in an NHLer, and his one year at Boston University drove home that he’s a future star.

Chicago Blackhawks: Ivan Demidov, RW/SKA St. Petersburg

While the Blackhawks can go in many directions here, the simulation went with the No. 2 overall prospect this time around. I wouldn’t be surprised if this occurred, given the way Demidov could team up with Connor Bedard as early as next season should he end up with the Blackhawks, though I also wouldn’t be surprised if Artyom Levshunov ended up here. 

Anaheim Ducks: Cayden Lindstrom, C/Medicine Hat Tigers

This one may be an ultimate surprise, and I was 100 percent sure Artyom Levshunov would end up with Anaheim. But still, Cayden Lindstrom dominated when healthy, and if he can be 100 percent all season, the Ducks landed yet another enticing prospect here following a year in which they drafted Leo Carlsson and acquired Cutter Gauthier.